We are a mobile-based cashless platform that connects farmers to retailers.

Why Taimba?

We believe that food chains should be simple because everyone should have access to affordable quality food

The Benefit of Taimba

Taimba Limited is a business to business mobile-based cashless platform that connects farmers to retailers. We cut wastage and make farmer products affordable without undercutting the farmer.

How We Do It

We source from the farmer at affordable prices that are farmer friendly.  We then offer the retailers the fresh produce at lower than market prices enabling them to sell to the final consumer at more affordable prices including delivering to their premises.

What We Deliver to Retailers and Vendors


We ensure you do not need to go to the market at 5am to get fresh produce, rather the produce comes to you right on time

Assured Quality

You get quality produce that flies off the shelf

Awesome and Stable Prices

We have the lowest prices in the market for any fresh produce. Further, there are minimal fluctuations if any on our prices so you never have to worry about breaking your account


Buy produce using the convenience of your phone. Restocking is as easy as 1.2.3! Just get on your phone to restock your fresh produce outlet and we will show up in no time


Get store credit that allows you to expand. We are always looking out for you by enabling you to expand your business through store credit.


Get advice on your business. We will help you navigate the challenges that might hinder your growth through expert advice to support your business.

We Are Creating
Efficiency, Growth and Food Security in Africa.

We Don't Just Trade With Farmers;
We form long lasting partnerships

Right Price: We ensure you get value for effort by paying you on time and right value

Ready Market: We source for you retailers where you offload your produce

Growth: Get credit on fertilizer and seeds that allows you to expand

Support: Get advice on farming best practice to maximize profits and minimize loses

ProductsPotatoes, Onions, Carrots and Tomatoes. More products coming soon

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We are passionate about innovating Africa’s agricultural value chain to address food security because everyone should have access to affordable quality food.  We would love to hear from you and on how we can work together or help you.